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Village Planning Fund Voting

Update 04/10/2017

Richmond Council are seeking views on the 18 local community bids they have identified to go forward to the next round of selection for funding from their Village Planning Fund using monies from the Community Infrastructure Levy. They are asking for local views in order to gauge the level of support for each proposal before they make a final decision in mid-December.You can vote for up to 3 projects anywhere in the Borough.

Several bids are local to Kew, including the bid by the North Road Surgery for their move to Emerald Gardens which we have supported ever since we put the developers of Emerald Gardens in touch with the surgery back in 2014. We also have our own bid for a community notice board to meet the growing need to advertise local activities.

Please make your voice heard by voting here:

Richmond Council will also be advertising other ways to vote for those in the community who are not on line.

Village Forum

Update 08/02/2015

The second meeting of the Village Forum was held at the newly re-furbished Richmond Adult Community College. It covered several topics including some suggested by members of the Forum. These ranged from an update on the second Phase of Village Planning as it is rolled out across the Borough, the planning system as it applies to shops and offices, the recent Town Opportunities Survey, preparations for the Rugby World Cup, and the revision of the Council’s Tree Management policy. The next meeting in June will focus on our suggestion for a discussion of the planning system to see how it might be improved for better community engagement.

The Village Plan for Kew will be updated through public exhibitions scheduled for the Spring.The Council is also improving its website content to show progress on delivery.

Village Forum

Update 30/09/2014

Richmond Council have formed a Village Forum for stakeholders across the Borough to enable a sharing of information on the roll-out of Village Plans throughout the Borough. We are represented on the Forum and have asked that it be used in part as a way of giving feedback on progress with implementation of the priorities identified in the first Village Plans, including Kew, which were pilots for the Village Planning approach.  The plan for Kew is now published on the Richmond Council website. It has two aspects – a Supplementary Planning Document defining the characteristics of areas in Kew which should be considered by developers and those adapting their homes as these will guide planning decisions by the Council, and a list of priorities for Kew identified in the Village Planning process by residents.

Kew Village Plan

Update 25/04/2014

We submitted our comments on the draft Kew Village Plan, including the Supplementary Planning Guidance which sets out the key features which define different “character areas” in Kew. We welcome this new guidance which will clarify for developers and householders which features in each area should be retained and improved.

Site Allocation Plan and the Kew Village Plan

Update 05/03/2014

We had a helpful meeting with Philip Wealthy, Head of Policy and Design at Richmond Council, and members of his team. The Council confirmed they were considering suggestions we had made for the Site Allocations Plan that might be appropriate for the Village Plan. The Plan is now out for consultation, including a Supplementary Planning Document which we will be considering. We discussed other issues, including street furniture and the Council’s design and location guidelines.

Kew Village Plan

Update 12/02/2014

Apart from dealing with individual planning applications which we look at only where there is a wider community interest, and guided by our planning policy published on this web site, we are building closer relations with Council officials to understand broader planning policies. We had a very useful meeting with the Head of Policy and Design and discussed amongst several topics, the status of the emerging Village Plan for Kew and the scope of the proposed Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which will be important as a guide to future planning decisions in Kew. The Council will be consulting on the Village Plan again in March.

Kew Village Plan

Update 18/01/2014

Several Committee members attended the exhibition and walking tour organised by the Council on the next stage of the Village Plan. We also attended a follow-up event for local interest groups. The Council will be consulting again in March on the Plan and a Supplementary Planning Document associated with it which will have statutory relevance in planning decisions.

Pre-publication Site Allocation Plan

Update 25/11/2013

The Council consulted on their plan for how large sites in the Borough should be developed. We were very pleased to see that a number of our ideas for Kew Ward have been included. We have commented on the plan to support the Council’s proposals and will be following up with Council officials on how some of our ideas not included in this plan might be taken forward.

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Event Information:

  • Wed
    6:45 pmBarn Church, Attwood Avenue

    The Kew Society AGM was held on Wednesday 15th October 2014 at the Barn Church, Attwood Avenue.

    The Executive committee hosted a Reception to which all members were very welcome.

    The AGM was very well attended and many interesting questions were directed to our new chair Caroline Brock.

    Directly after the AGM, Jason Debney, Thames Landscape Strategy Co-ordinator, gave an illustrated talk about the work of the Thames Landscape Strategy - past present & future, which was fascinating. Jason showed us many photographs of the works of the Thames Lansdscape Strategy and focused on their hope and and plans for the future.

    The talk was followed by a delicious buffet supplied by the 'Original Maids of Honour' and of course our usual bar.

    Here is Jason in action!

    AGM October 2014