Houseboat at Strand on the Green

An application has been made to the Port of London Authority (PLA) for a new houseboat mooring at Steam Packet Steps (near the Bell and Crown pub) which will be visible from Kew. We have objected because of the visual impact next to listed buildings along the river bank and the risk to police launch activity nearby.

Kew Marine houseboats (Richmond Council ref 16/0753/ES191)

Update 25/11/2016

Richmond Council’s Planning Committee considered this application on 26 October and decided to defer a decision in order to seek Counsel’s advice on the use of the pontoon for residential purposes. A delegated decision will then be made based on that advice and the views of the Port of London Authority will be sought.

Update 24/03/2016

An application for a certificate of lawful development has been submitted for the existing use of Kew Marine. We have commented to support in general this location for houseboats which can contribute to the housing needs of the area but have asked for controls on the number of boats, their type, location and size and for specific restrictions on sewerage discharge directly into the river. Details of what we have said can be found on Richmond Council’s website, planning reference 16/0753/ES191.

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