Chiswick Beach

Chiswick Beach, Strand on the Green

Update 04/01/2018

We have submitted objections to the Port of London Authority to the proposal for 25 houseboat moorings as well as a cafe/restaurant and other leisure facilities on the river at Strand on the Green. We said that the location, adjacent to a river frontage of historic listed buildings and the listed Kew Bridge is not appropriate. We particularly said that:

  • the proposals are likely significantly and adversely to affect the view from the south side Thames towpath and elsewhere in Kew of Historic and Listed buildings on the north side of the river and the Strand on the Green and Kew Bridge Conservation Areas. As well as the impact on daytime views, the adverse implications of further lighting on the river and its banks at night should be taken into account for both human and animal life;
  • whilst acknowledging the Mayor of London’s plans to increase affordable and private market housing volumes and types, we said we believed that there were other locations in Hounslow on the river to the west of Kew Bridge where such proposals may be better advanced and with significantly less impact on historic buildings, Conservation Areas and their settings;
  • The adverse impact on the adjoining river bank in terms of the provision of car and service vehicle parking, mains utility services and sewers/drainage and waste/recycling services. We noted the proposal’s claim to be self-sufficient in electrical supply but asked for clear evidence of this.

We also asked how the project would be funded and be economically sustainable and questioned the attractiveness as a “beach” in this location. We asked for the applicant to be required to demonstrate that the proposals would create no further hazards and risks to existing river users (whether commercial, sports or leisure) and that, if consented, the scheme’s occupiers, employees and visitors would be exposed to no undue risks or hazards.

We will be looking out for any planning application to Hounslow Council for this proposed development and will continue to work with amenity groups across the river on this and other developments affecting both sides of the river.

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