Brentford bus garage and enabling developments

Brentford bus garage and enabling developments ref P/2016/5244 or 01508/B/P13

Update 08/09/2017

Hounslow Council officers have recommended refusal of this application which was to be considered at the Hounslow Planning Committee meeting on 7th September. We are awaiting confirmation of the outcome of the Committee meeting.

Update 27/01/2017

We have submitted objections to this over-development at 1-4 Capital Interchange Way which would affect vistas as well as traffic and associated increased air pollution. Many of the reasons given by Hounslow Council’s Planning Committee for turning down the Chiswick Curve application, which we also objected to, apply to the proposal at this site.

Update 2/12/2016

The application for this development has now been submitted.

The Minister for Transport has recently intimated outline plans to widen the M4 at its London end which would have implications for many of the major development proposals in Brentford. Proposals to increase M4 capacity for any expanded Heathrow may also have an impact, including a tunnel exit in Brentford or Chiswick.

Update 30/09/2016

Pre-application designs for a 92 bus storage depot, workshops and offices, and 3 enabling developments of residential accommodation with 550 residential units are being considered for this site in Brentford, adjacent to the Brentford Football stadium and its enabling developments.  The tower blocks proposed are 20, 19 and 18 storeys high, above the bus garage roof. We are considering the impacts for Kew, together with the Royal Botanic Gardens and other amenity groups in Hounslow. Sight lines from Kew may not be affected (at present this is unclear) but we have concerns about lack of infrastructure to support this number of residential units and the traffic and pollution impacts which may result. The intensification of developments in this small area, many high rise contrary to Hounslow’s Local Plan, is a major concern. We are supporting a proposal for a public meeting to be organised by Brentford Community Council. Watch this space!


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