12 Princes Road MOT centre

12 Princes Road (ref. 16/2691/FUL)

Update 03/09/2016

This new application for 4 flats and dentist premises will retain the employment space which was lacking in the last application. We welcome this but have asked Richmond Council to consider the adequacy of parking for the dentist’s surgery and any impact on street parking. There is also little soft landscaping in the plans and we have asked the Council to consider how this might be remedied with modifications to the plans. The applicant is the dentist currently at 320 Kew Road and we have suggested that a condition could be made for this surgery to revert to housing and domestic garage use.

12 Princes Road (ref 14/4570/FUL)

Update 27/03/2015

We are pleased to see that this application has been withdrawn following advice that there was an objection in principle to loss of employment space.

Update 14/1/2015

We have objected to this application to demolish the MOT garage, which employs 3 people, and build 3 residential houses. The proposed new housing is unexciting architecturally and we are concerned that yet more small venues for local employment will be lost to the Borough. We have suggested that alternative, more imaginative, use for the site should be considered which could include retention of employment opportunities as well as housing. Across the Borough, because of changes in national planning policy which Richmond Council has tried to challenge, some 50,000 sq ft of employment space has been lost since May 2013.

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