110 North Road, Kew

110 North Road

Update 30/08/2017

The application was to be considered at the Richmond Council Planning Committee on 16th August with a recommendation to approve as a music salon with conditions on opening hours, number of patrons and insulation to control noise but was withdrawn from consideration. The applicant has since submitted an amendment to the application giving more detail on use and on ventilation.

Update 16/07/2017

Amendments have been submitted on this application to reduce the maximum number of customers from 60 to 30 and reduce the hours of use to Monday to Friday 08.00-22.00, on Saturdays to 11.00-22.00 and on Sundays and Bank Holidays to 11.00-22.00. The concerns we raised on the initial application – summarised below – remain.

Update 10/05/2017

A new application (Richmond Council reference 17/1452/FUL) has been submitted for a cafe/piano bar on the ground floor of this property. Whilst there are attractions to having new facilities like this in Kew, the location of the property next door to residences and the long opening hours proposed are we think problematic. We have objected therefore and commented that should the Council decide to allow the application, conditions should be placed on opening hours similar to those that apply elsewhere in the Village, noise levels from the cafe and from people visiting should be carefully assessed and controlled, and cooking smells should be addressed.

Update 28/04/2017

A new application for change of use from residential to a restaurant/cafe/music salon as well as other cultural events has been submitted.

Update 13/01/2016

The Council completed their investigation and building work to reinstate this building is underway.

Update 20/07/2015

The Council’s enforcement team is investigating the very substantial work undertaken on this Building of Townscape Merit which is far more extensive than agreed in the recent planning application.

Update 23/04/2015

An application was made (ref 15/0763/PS192) for replacement windows and other external works which all seemed reasonable. We did not comment and approval was granted.

Update 07/01/2015

A new application  Richmond Council reference 14/4633/PS192) was made for this property for a permitted development to extend the building as a single dwelling house. Confusingly the application also referred to use as Class A3 (restaurants and cafes). We contacted the Council to clarify what was proposed. The Council confirmed the reference to Class A3 was incorrect and asked the applicant to re-submit. The Council have since turned down the revised application, saying that a full planning application would be needed for any such changes to the building. We continue to watch what exactly is intended at this central site in Kew Village.

Update 05/06/2014

Some of you may have seen that a second application for a music salon on this site adjacent to Kew Plaza has been turned down. We are keeping an eye on what is proposed for this key site in the heart of the Village.

Update 25/04/2014

We are submitting comments on a new planning application for development of these long empty premises next to Kew Gardens Station, on the corner of Kew Plaza, to become a music salon.  Whilst it would be good to see this site used again, we would like to see effective conditions imposed to control any noise impacts.

Update 18/01/2014

We looked at an unusual application for change of use at 110 North Road to create a music salon with residential accommodation above. The premises are in a prominent position in Kew, opposite the station entrance, which has been little used in recent years. It would be good to see this building improved but we had misgivings about the proposed use as a music salon. The Council have turned down the application and the property is now for sale.


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