Kew Gardens Station Platforms planting

Planting Kew Gardens Station Platform

Update 05/04/2017

We have entered the station platforms project together with the little garden at the corner of North Road and High Park Rise and the planter/bench outside the Kew Greenhouse cafe for the Richmond in Bloom awards. All are being maintained and enhanced by members of the Kew Society. If you want to get involved, please contact us. Judging will take place at the beginning of July.

Update 21/02/2017

After all the hard work, the fruits of the labours are beginning to spring forth. Here are some photos taken in the recent spring sunshine of the hellebores – the first flowers to bloom in the Energy Garden at Kew Gardens Station.

IMG_0208 IMG_0200IMG_0210 IMG_0215 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0198

Update 16/12/2016

After 18 months of planning, our Kew Gardens station planting project is complete! Thanks to funding and manpower from Energy Garden and a Richmond Council Civic Pride Fund grant, we have planted over 1500 plants, laid over 11 tons of gravel as well as new soil, compost and bark all to designs provided by the Royal Botanic Gardens pro bono.

We could not have gone from plan to reality without the support of Energy Garden.

Kew Gardesn station planting Caroline Blomfield 242

Under instruction from the Energy Garden Green Team, Kew Society gardening volunteers joined the planting effort.

Kew Gardesn station planting Caroline Blomfield 236Kew Gardesn station planting Caroline Blomfield 289Kew Gardesn station planting Caroline Blomfield 344

We have also paid for the replanting of the two planters on either side of the exit onto Kew Plaza. We hope this will discourage their use as an ash tray.

The next stage will be planning the on-going maintenance schedule. Let us know if you would like to join our gardening volunteers.

Update 25/11/2016

Work is well underway with this project with the ground cleared by the Energy Garden Green Team, new soil and mulch laid and some new planting started.

Kew Gardens station planting prep 009

The major replanting work will be on the 8th and 9th of December with 2 beds planted by the Energy Garden team and 2 by our volunteers who have been contacted to come and help, working under the supervision of Energy Garden. There are a lot of plants to come so it will take this time to complete the work.

Watch this space for the transformation to come!

Kew Gardens station planting prep 013

Update 01/11/2016

Energy Gardens Green Team made a site visit yesterday and have started work today preparing the ground for planting which is expected to start in the next 2-3 weeks. Volunteers will be contacted soon on how to get actively involved to support this work which we hope will transform the platforms as a gateway to Kew.

Update 26/10/2016

Transport for London (TfL) and London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL) have agreed the plans for the replanting work and the health and safety issues when the work is done.have been discussed. Energy Garden’s  “Green Team” will be making a site visit in the next week and the initial work is expected to start in November. Our little army of keen volunteers will be contacted soon on when they can get involved with the planting and ongoing maintenance.

Update 13/08/2016

We have been successful in our bid to Richmond Council for Civic Pride funding of this planting scheme. Together with funding from Energy Garden and the Kew Society and the design work undertaken by the Royal Botanic Gardens free of charge, the scheme is fully funded. We have many volunteer gardeners signed up to help with the planting and on-going maintenance, including Kew Society members and station staff.Energy Garden are awaiting sign-off for the scheme by TfL and London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL). We anticipate that the work will start in the Autumn, subject to those approvals.

Update 12/06/2016

We have teamed up with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Station staff and Energy Garden on an exciting  project to re-plant the 4 areas on the station platforms at Kew Gardens in much need of a refresh. The Botanic Gardens have provided us with a planting sketchbook which you can see here: Kew Gardens Station Planting Sketchbook 151204

We are very fortunate to have found Energy Garden who will co-ordinate the project, organising the planting and providing a volunteers coordinator to organise on-going maintenance. You can find out more about Energy Garden here:

The project will be funded largely by Energy Garden with a contribution from the Kew Society. We are also making a bid for funding from Richmond Council.

Come and hear more about it on Friday 17th June anytime between 16.00 and 18.00 in front of the station.Consultation Poster 1 (1)


planting photo



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Kew Gardens Station Platforms planting
Planting Kew Gardens Station Platform Update 05/04/2017 We have entered the station platforms [more]


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