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Tree Management in Kew

Update 20/01/2017

Richmond Council have notified us that as part of their regular tree inspection programme they have identified 9 trees in Alexandra Road, Kew, for removal, with pruning works due to the remainder. Residents in Alexandra Road are being informed and consulted on replanting with a map and photographs showing suggested species for replanting.  The consultation, map and photographs will also be available on the Richmond Council website.Tree officers will visit Alexandra Road on Tuesday 24th January at 10.30 to answer any residents questions.  A further evening meeting will be held on Thursday the 2nd February at North Sheen recreation ground pavilion (19:30 – 20:30) for those unable to attend the day time meeting.

The Council have said that this level of tree removal is something they are unhappy about undertaking, but believe essential for health and safety.  They are keen to listen to residents and have the opportunity to discuss the work.

Questions about the work should be directed to Jane Crowther, Arboricultural Officer at Richmond Council:

Update 2/12/2016

The application to fell the tree at St Winefride’s church and replace with a more suitable tree was approved by Richmond Council’s Planning Committee. We think this is a sensible outcome given the damage the current tree is causing.

Update 18/07/2016

We have written to support the application by St Winefride’s church in Leyborne Park (ref 16/T041/TPO) to remove the tree preservation order, fell the tree and replace with a more suitable tree for this location. The detailed report submitted by the applicant sets out the structural damage this tree is causing, above and below ground. The tree of heaven is very prominent but we think that a clear case is made for removal in line with the policies Richmond Council adopts for the management of the trees it is responsible for in public spaces. Replacement with a more appropriate tree will make up for the loss.

Update 9/05/2016

The diseased plane tree between Mia Wood and Starbucks has now been felled for the reasons set out in the previous update. Here is photographic evidence of the extent of the decay and the fungus. Felling images 06.05.2016

Update 21/04/2016

Richmond Council have let us know that 1 of the London Plane trees in the Village, outside Mia Wood and Starbucks, has been found to have extensive decay in the main stem. The tree reacting to this decay can be seen from the ground in the form of swelling and discoloration between 4 -7metres above ground. This could cause the tree to partially fail, creating a risk to people using the area which is heavily used by pedestrians.

The Council have considered the extent of decay, the size of the part that could fail and the surrounding area before reaching a decision on how best to manage the tree.  In order to make it safe, a significant proportion of the crown would have to be removed, leaving a heavily reduced specimen that would require regular maintenance and leave a tree which would not be in keeping with the rest of the avenue at Station Parade. They have concluded that the best course of action is to remove the tree. It will be replaced with another London Plane tree which they expect to plant in the new planting season in November/December. The new tree will be 2.5-3 metres high when planted. Plane trees are relatively fast growing.

The fungus is suspected to be Fomitiporia punctata, a species that is relatively new to the UK, first being identified in 2008, Forest Research, who are particularly interested in this fungus, will take samples of the felled tree in order to study the pathogen and how it may have affected the specimen.

Other on-going maintenance tree works will also take place in Station Parade and Station Approach between the  25th of April and the 6th of May.The majority of the work is light pruning, such as crown lifting, to keep the vista of the roads open and pruning back from buildings ensuring the trees have suitable clearance. The tree outside number 5 Station Approach will be reduced by 2-3m on all sides to aid in reducing the size and weight of the crown to help ensure the lean into the highway is stabilised.

To conduct these works groups of parking bays will be suspended and a couple of trees a day will be dealt with to keep disruption down to a minimum.


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