Richmond Council’s Tree Policies

Re-planting felled trees in Kew

Update 06/02/2016

In response to a question from members we have confirmed with the Council the latest timetable for re-planting felled trees in Kew.

In the planting season just finishing, 205 trees were planted across the Borough. This is fewer than usual whilst the Council’s revised strategy for planting is being tested out. The Council will be conducting a survey in August in Kew to identify where new trees are needed, including in the streets notified to them by members at the event we organised in November last year. The survey will be complete in time for the new planting season and we will be notified of the planting plans.

You can see details of the Council’s tree policy here

London Plane Tree outside 5 Royal Parade, Station Approach

Update 13/01/2016

Kew parade plane tree

One of the issues raised with us by several Kew Society members was the fate of the London plane tree outside 5 Royal Parade which seemed destined for removal because of the angle of lean into the road resulting in the tree being struck on several occasions by vehicles.We are pleased to be able to report that the Council has now completed a re-evaluation of the tree at our request and have let us know that the tree will be retained.

The Council considered whether there was a need for any alterations to the road layout to prevent further contact from vehicles. They have concluded that in order to retain the tree, the best approach is to communicate with the local shop owners asking that planned delivery drivers are warned of the obstructing tree. This in combination with a sign on the lamp column directly in front of the tree when approaching from Sandycombe Road will raise awareness for drivers reversing to park beneath the tree, hopefully preventing contact. The lean of the tree has also been re-assessed and the Council do not believe there has been significant movement since an inspection in 2013. Historic street view images show that the tree has been leaning at a constant angle since at least 2008. A crown reduction is planned to reduce mechanical stresses on the root system and allow for safe retention. The Council will also carry out a measurement to enable them to monitor the angle of the tree and any movement over time. The disruption to the pavement from the tree roots will be dealt with through periodic repair.

In summary the Council will be retaining the tree, pruning the canopy to alleviate mechanical stress, measuring the angle on a repeat basis, liaising with shop owners over deliveries and placing a sign on the lamp column in front of the tree to warn delivery drivers of the leaning stem. The condition of the pavement will continue to be monitored by Council street scene officers.

We are very grateful to the Council for taking account of residents’ concerns and for such a positive response.

Successful Tree Consultation between Kew Society Members and Richmond Council

Several members have raised with us concerns they have over the felling of trees in Kew. These mainly centred on  a lack of knowledge in advance of tree felling alongside our roads and in our green spaces and of what the intention was for re-planting. Some 40 members came to an event we organised  to meet Craig Ruddick, Arboriculture Manager, Parks and Open Spaces at Richmond Council. A summary of the questions members had in advance of the meeting is attached here: Members questions on trees.

Craig was able to allay many concerns, confirming that trees are only felled where there is good reason and that all trees felled will be replaced. Members raised questions on pruning in private areas such as the Gloucester Court estate, on the Port of London responsibilities for tree maintenance on the revetments along the river embankment, and on clearance of growth  along the towpath.

The Council, are keen to engage with the community and hear views to inform their tree strategy. Their current strategy can be viewed here. A number of improvement are underway, such as making tree removal information available on-line as well as a register of tree planting proposals, including ideas submitted by the community. We will be keeping in touch with Craig to update our members on these further developments.

We are grateful to Councillor David Linnette and Councillor Meena Bond for helping with the event and to Paul Davies and his team at the National Archives for once again so efficiently providing the venue and facilities for the presentation.


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