Tow Path Tree Felling

Tree felling work  is currently being carried out on the revetments from Hammersmith to Richmond by the PLA.

The PLA are responsible for carrying out any of the work up to the high tide mark (although when this involves flood defences Environmental Agency may be involved).  However for many years the PLA have not carried out any systematic maintenance of the revetments and consequently numerous self seeding tress, often Ash and Sycamore, have lodged their roots in the brickwork and river bank itself.  Many of the groups that sit on the Towpath Group, of which the Kew Society is one, have been urging the PLA for years to implement a maintenance regime and they are now slowly redressing the issues.  Very high tides and the vagaries of the weather over the past few years may well have added impetus to the PLA undertaking the current work. It would be wonderful if the integrity of the revetments was in accord with every individuals perspective of what the river bank should contain and what the view should be from either side of the River.    Sadly this is not always the case. At present we are in discussion  with Richmond Council about the need to have a policy for replacing  felled, or those storm damaged  trees on the landward side of the Tow Path.

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