Old Deer Park

Old Deer Park

Update 31/03/2018

Richmond Council have published the finalised Supplementary Planning Document for the Old Deer Park. You can see the final version here: http://www.richmond.gov.uk/media/15524/old_deer_park_spd.pdf

We are pleased to see our comments have been considered, including acknowledging that the community would like to see access between the Kew Road and the towpath through the Old Deer Park opened up if possible,  though we understand there are real  practical difficulties in achieving this .

Update 02/02/2018

The Old Deer Park Group, on which the Kew Society is represented, has submitted comments on the Supplementary Planning Document broadly supporting it and asking for some changes and clarifications. This includes the reference to the Royal Botanic Gardens Landscape Management Plan which is out of date. You can see the full response here:


Update 04/01/2018

Richmond Council has launched a consultation on the future planning framework for the Old Deer Park in Richmond. The Kew Society has participated in the Old Deer Park Working Group for more than five years, and will be submitting its response in January.

We encourage you to respond as well, or to feed back any comments to us via email at odp@richmondsociety.org.uk. The deadline for responses is Monday 22nd January 2018.

The Draft Supplementary Planning Document that provides the starting point for the consultation can be found on the Richmond ‘Have your say’ website.

You can respond online via this Richmond ‘Have your say’ link.

To support the consultation, the Council is running two drop-in events, as follows:

On 6 Jan 2018 from 09:30 to 13:30 at the Pools on the Park, TW9 2SF.
On 11 Jan 2018 from 16:00 to 20:00 at the Richmond Adult Community College TW9 2RE.

Update 02/12/2016

The Old Deer Park Group of which we are members has submitted comments on options for improvement works. Old Deer Park, ODPG Response on emerging SPD, 4 November 2016

The next stage will be consultation by Richmond Council on a draft Supplementary Planning Docucument (SPD)

Update 07/10/2016

Richmond Council are now consulting on planning guidelines for The Old Deer Park Conservation area. You can complete an online survey, by 4 November, to give your own views and take a look at exhibitions showing what is proposed. See the consultation document, dates and venues to see the proposals and on-line survey form here: https://consultation.richmond.gov.uk/consultation/old-deer-park 

As part of the Old Deer Park Working Group we will be considering comments from the Kew Society.


Update 23/05/2015

Richmond Council have started a consultation on a Supplementary Planning Document for the Old Deer Park. You can complete a survey on line and take part in a drop-in sessions and a walkabout. The survey and details of the walkabout are here

Old Deer Park Working Group

Update 14/01/2015

The Working Group on which we are represented are looking at proposals from the Council for the use of the Old Deer Park as part of the Rugby World Cup from 16th September to 31 October this year. This will be a major event for the Borough with implications being worked through now by the Council for transport and other issues.

Update 09/02/2013

The Old Deer Park Working Group, consisting of the Richmond Society, the Kew Society, the Friends of Richmond Green, the Friends of Old Deer Park and the St Margaret’s Estates Residents Association, met to discuss their latest submission to Richmond Council and Crown Estates, setting out their concerns about the anomalies in boundary definitions.

The Group are seeking to implement the issues raised in the report by Kim Wilkie: “The Old Deer Park, Richmond – A framework for Future Conservation”.

Old Deer Park, Richmond – A framework for Future Conservation

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Event Information:

  • Wed
    5:30 pmRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew

    Kew Society members were offered a rare opportunity to visit the Economic Botany Collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This is the oldest and perhaps the most fascinating of Kew's science collections containing over 100,000 items. The collection began in 1847.

    The tour was lead by Mark Nesbitt, who is senior Ethobotanist and Curator at RGB Kew and he delved into Kew's history and current science research via a unique collections of rubber, lacebark, Chinese medicines and other useful plants. The term Economic Botany essentially means 'useful plants'.


    Jamaica lace plant. George II once had a suit made using this 'imitation' lace.

    The bark simply peals back to expose this extraordinary lace.

    Mark has been working with groups to help reintroduce this plant for commercial purposes.

    The collection houses many & varied Chinese medicines.

    These Alpine plants from New Zealand were labelled 'Vegetable Sheep' and caused a sensation in Victorian London.

    Maori cloak, though to be ceremonial. Made from an Alpine plant that mimics leather.

    Mark has been working with ethnic groups using this very valuable cloak.

    Wild rubber hot water bottle.


    The tour was very generously free and we are exceedingly grateful to Mark Nesbitt for making this most generous offer to our members.

    Click here for Mark's own page detailing his research