A New Map on Kew Plaza

Update 24/06/2015

Baroness Tonge unveiled the new map on Kew Plaza this morning. All those who took part in the project were present – The National Archives, their contractors, Bouygues who generously re-furbished the structure holding the map pro bono, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Kew Residents Association and Richmond Council as well as those involved in the first map project 11 years ago.

The new map is a much simplified version of the previous venerable map. We hope it will help visitors to find the Royal Botanic Gardens, the National Archives, the Crematorium and Kew Green and the river more easily. It won’t solve all the problems but is a start and we are continuing to work with the Council on improving signage from the station.

The Kew Traders Association ¬†told us “The new map is a massive improvement on the old one – crisp and clear. Visitors to Kew often come into the shops in our Village to ask for directions. Whilst it’s nice to see them, so many lost visitors says a lot about why we needed this new map on Kew Plaza. Improved signage on the other side of the station would help too.”

We are lucky to have world renowned sites which attract visitors from all over the world. We hope visitors as well as residents will like the new design and we will continue to work on more improvements.

Cutting the ribbon

Baroness Tonge cutting the ribbon with the help of Paul Davies

The new map is unveiled

The new map is unveiled


The new map unveiling & parties involved



Update 19/06/2015

The new map on Kew Plaza is now in place. We hope that visitors will find it makes it easier to find their way to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the National Archives, the Crematorium and Kew Green and the river. And we hope residents like it too. Baroness Tonge will be “unveiling” the map on Wednesday 24th June at 10.30. Maybe we will see some of you there.

We are working with the Council on other signage improvements around the station which are also much needed.

Update 14/01/2015

We have looked at a first draft of the new map and coordinated comments from all those involved with us in the re-design. We hope to have a second draft shortly for sign off so we are getting closer to being able to launch the new design soon.

Update 13/07/2014

We have now agreed the funding and the brief for map designers to take this project forward together with the National Archives, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Kew Residents Association – who are currently fund raising for their contribution – and the Council. The National Archives are now commissioning the design work. We hope to have a new, much simplified and clearer map in place soon.

Update 29/05/2014

Many people have mentioned that the map on Kew Plaza, created some 10 years ago, is confusing, not least as it seems to show north in the wrong direction. If, like me, you have ever stood near the map as people come off the tube from central London and start to try to work out the way to the Royal Botanic Gardens or the National Archives, you will see just how confusing it is. Nearly all head off in the wrong direction and are very grateful for the temporary presence of someone who can point them in the right direction.

So it’s high time to act! We have instigated a project to get the map re-done in a much simplified form which will show clearly to visitors how to get to where they want to go – largely the Royal Botanic Gardens, the National Archives, the Crematorium or Kew Green and the river. We have contacted all those involved in putting the map together first time around in addition to us – the National Archives, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Council and the Kew Residents Association. All are up for collaborating on a re-design and installation of a much more user friendly map. We are particularly grateful to the National Archives who are obtaining a costed proposal for a redesign from their designers. Next steps are to agree the design and the sharing of costs.

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