Proposed repairs to PLA revetment wall

The PLA have identified 4 small sections totalling 80m2 of revetment along the River Thames between Hammersmith and Kew bridge that are in need of repair. Site visits have shown that the failures are attributed to discrete areas of toe failure, erosion and displacement of individual stones.

The PLA intend to carry out these small repairs this winter (October/November) with the work consisting of like for like profile reinstatement with items collected from the foreshore with the exception of areas where timber toe boards have failed as these will be replaced with shallow steel sheet trench piles. The steel replacements will have minimal visual, environmental or aesthetic impact.

The three attachments show the location of the works (Revetment repairs 2015), typical areas of deterioration (RVB C1017 -A3 Layout) and typical repairs (RVB C 1018-A3 Layout).

The PLA expect that the works will be undertaken without the need to arrange for a formal temporary closure. If, however, for any reason this
should change due to a specific operational reason they will let us know and programme in a footpath closure request.

If you require any further information or have any queries regarding these works please contact the PLA – 01474 562 200.

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