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Museum of Richmond seeks new Chair

Following the sudden death of its chair, Sir David Bostock, the Museum of Richmond is looking for a new Chair to lead the Museum in the next phase of its development. The advertisement, the job description, a background note and the application form are now all up on their website to view here.

Candidates could join the Board either immediately as Chair for a trial period, or as a trustee for a number of months experience before taking up office.


Tour of Sandhurst

    Wednesday 10th August found a happy band of members up with the lark to board their coach and travel from Kew to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. We were met by our guide for the day, Tony Merrifield, and were privileged to watch the splendid Commandant’s Parade in Old College Square.  This formedContinue Reading

Waste & Recycling

Update 08/09/2016 Following up on key points raised at the talk we arranged on waste and recycling, we wrote to Councillor Fleming to ask whether something could be done to make access to recycling of small electrical goods and textiles easier, through kerbside collections,particularly for those who cannot easily get to the Townmead Road recycling centre,Continue Reading

Photographic Competition Winners at Kew Fete

  If you missed the Kew Fete, the winning photographs of our competition are now being displayed in Kew Village. Pop into The Kew Bookshop or The Shoe Station or The Greenhouse Cafe to see the wonderful pictures. This collage illustrates the fun we had on Saturday awarding the prizes. Once we get the photographsContinue Reading

Towpath Clearance

The Kew Society launched a trial ‘Thames Towpath Clearance’ initiative to kick start Kew towpath clearance plans to help manage vegetation growth and build up of litter along the River Thames ‘grot spots’ Members worked under the seasoned guidance of Becky Law from The Thames Landscape Strategy for a few hours to help improve theContinue Reading


KewTw9 launched its website at The Kew Village Market last Sunday. This is an initiative aiming to be ‘The heart of all information about Kew’ bringing together information about local societies and organisations, schools and local businesses. There are details about upcoming events all around Kew and links to all the websites all the contributors.Continue Reading

Kew Gardens Underground Station Closure Consultation

Kew Gardens Underground Station Closure Consultation Update 07/03/2016 London Travel Watch have now updated their website with more detail here: It confirms the closure of the Kew Gardens ticket office once new ticket machines are in place, expected to be in December 2016. Update 06/03/2016 We contacted London Travel Watch to clarify their news itemContinue Reading

Proposed repairs to PLA revetment wall

The PLA have identified 4 small sections totalling 80m2 of revetment along the River Thames between Hammersmith and Kew bridge that are in need of repair. Site visits have shown that the failures are attributed to discrete areas of toe failure, erosion and displacement of individual stones. The PLA intend to carry out these smallContinue Reading

Local interests

Local Interests & Activities A comprehensive list of events and information about local organisations and businesses can be found on the KewTW9 web site. However, we sometimes receive requests to promote events of interest from other organisations. So please find a few here that you may like to follow up. Consultation on Public Space Protection Orders AContinue Reading


Local Interests & Activities A comprehensive list of events and information about local organ [more]